PRN Member Meeting in Seoul

Resounding Success in Exploring Global Business and Cultural Perspectives

 The Public Relations Network (PRN) meeting held in Seoul, South Korea, in January 2023 turned out to be a resounding success, bringing together professionals from various industries to exchange insights and explore business and cultural perspectives. The event, organized by the PRN Committee and hosted by Integra Communications in Seoul, featured a diverse program that encompassed thought-provoking presentations, engaging discussions, and immersive cultural experiences.

One of the highlights of the program was a captivating session titled “Business Communication East (Korea) vs. West,” led by Professor Joseph Kim, Ph.D., an esteemed expert in Business Communication at Sunkgyunkwan University. Professor Kim delved into the nuances of cross-cultural communication and shed light on the differences between business communication practices in Korea and the Western world. His insightful presentation provided attendees with valuable insights into effectively navigating diverse business environments.

Another notable speaker was Josh Hwang, the CEO of Johwa Events, who delivered an enlightening session on “Digital Marketing Business Entrepreneurship.” Hwang shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in leveraging digital marketing strategies including ChatGPT to drive business success. His practical tips and case studies inspired attendees to harness the power of digital platforms to enhance their marketing efforts.

The rapidly growing industry of e-sports took center stage with a presentation titled “New Entertainment / New Sports ‘E-Sports’ T1 – How the New Generation Responds,” delivered by Josh Ahn, COO of T1. Ahn offered a comprehensive overview of the e-sports industry, highlighting the increasing popularity of competitive gaming and its influence on the younger generation. His talk shed light on the opportunities and challenges associated with e-sports and captivated the audience’s attention.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Kevin Kim, COO of Apple Kind, shared valuable insights on how start-ups similar to his family’s apple farm can not only survive but thrive in the Pandemic era. His presentation, titled “Business: How to Survive/Thrive in the Pandemic Era as a Start-up,” provided practical strategies and tips for navigating the challenging business landscape amidst the pandemic. Kim’s expertise and guidance resonated with entrepreneurs seeking innovative approaches to sustain their businesses during uncertain times.

Olivia Kumsil Choi, CEO of renowned K-beauty brand Pink Wonder, captivated the audience with her presentation on “K-Beauty: How They Succeeded in the Pandemic Era – Instagram/Unconventional Marketing Strategies.” Choi shared her brand’s unconventional marketing approaches, emphasizing the role of Instagram and social media platforms in expanding their customer base during the pandemic. Her insights into the K-beauty industry, as well as her hands-on approach including the actual products and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances provided attendees with valuable inspiration. A few of the Public Relations Network (PRN) members even visited her product warehouse in Itaewon in person to purchase additional products before they left Seoul.

Amidst the engaging sessions, attendees were treated to a traditional dance performance by Open Hands, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Korea. The performance, characterized by graceful movements and traditional hanboks, left a lasting impression on the audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for Korean traditional arts.

To complete the enriching experience, an optional tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace was organized, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in Korean history and architecture despite the frigid temperatures. The majestic palace, with its intricate designs and serene surroundings, offered a glimpse into Korea’s royal past and served as a reminder of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The PRN meeting in Seoul proved to be a highly successful event, bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds to explore business insights and cultural exchange. With its thought-provoking presentations, immersive cultural experiences, and networking opportunities, the event left attendees inspired, informed, and motivated to embrace new ideas and strategies in their respective fields, anticipating the next PRNetwork meeting in Paris, France- June 2023.


Über die Verfasserin

Hannah Hong is a Senior Consultant at Integra Communications, Sympra's partner agency in Seoul Korea.

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