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We know that readers of this blog probably won’t be able to contribute here directly but our credo in public relations is to get that message out there in as many ways as possible! So here goes: One of our customers, the Siemens Stiftung (foundation) has launched a competition going by the name of the “empowering people. Award”. The contest is looking for low-tech innovations that can help people in poorer regions to improve their basic human services. These include access to water, medical supplies, energy and all those things that we simply take for granted. Not only will these technologies be implemented in the countries but they should also be embedded into a business model so people in the regions are given employment, creating value chains that are sustainable. And it really works, whole communities, for example, have benefitted from a small water filter that can be retrofit into old drinking pumps. So much water simply goes to waste because it doesn’t flow straight into a jerry can but this 4cm piece of plastic ensures direct flow – ingenious!

Why enter? Well, there’s prize-money to be won, there’s an individual assessment of the entries by a jury of international experts and support provided after the competition to the most promising entries, and not only to the winners.

So here’s a shout out to everyone who has a network of professionals, a network of friends or a network acquaintances! If you know any inventors or innovators, developers or teams that have come up with such simple yet truly brilliant innovations, then let them know that they can enter here! This is one competition worth entering!

By the way, if you want to know what PR measures we have put in place for the Award, take a look here.

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