Are You Making the Most of India’s Media Bang?

Consider this: India’s newspaper readership at 407 million(mn) is close to the number of people living in the entire European Union. The world’s largest selling English language newspaper is not British or American but Indian – The Times of India which has a readership of over 10 mn. According to the World Economic Forum – India now has the world’s largest number of paid newspapers, and the number continues to grow, from 5,767 in 2013 to 7,871 in 2015. What is also interesting that Indian newspapers have overcome the global decline in newspaper readership. Comparable data from Audit Bureau of Circulation report (May 2017), show that while newspaper circulation grew by 12% in India, it fell in almost every other major media market: in the UK by 12%, 7% in the US and 3% in Germany and France.

Growing Appetite

Today, there are over a hundred thousand publications (dailies and periodicals) in India and 1600+ TV stations. Consumption of news is not restricted to newspapers only, India’s digital market is also mushrooming rapidly. The influx of digital new media channels over the last few years is a testimony for Indians love for news be it on paper or a smartphone. A country where there are more mobile phones than toilets it is no surprise that Indian netizens are feasting more and more news on their mobile phones.

While the country is breaking international trends in more traditional media formats simultaneously its global market share is booming in social media too. Twitter in India has become the number one fastest growing market for in terms of daily active users, growing 5 times as a market than the global average. Facebook users in India have crossed 240-million mark, becoming the largest audience country for the social media giant. India’s digital population is close to 500 million seconds after China.

Unique Offer

A media market so diverse and complex with as many languages as you can think off! How do you ensure that your brand or product gets the attention it deserves? Sympra can help resolve some of the complexities and create an all-inclusive print and digital media strategy and implementation for you. We bring along a wealth of over 25 years of strong public relations record for big and medium-sized German businesses. Our Public Relations Network stretching across the globe with Skateboard Media as our India partner. Plus Sympra now has me as an in-house India expert in Germany. My multi-disciplinary work experience spans across journalism, development communications at  Greenpeace and political and business communications with the British Government. I have a strong understanding of social media trends and a good network with journalists in India.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to make an impressive media splash in the Indian market.

Über den Verfasser

Jagori brings diverse international experience in journalism and communications from leading organizations like Greenpeace and the British Government. Her areas of proficiency are strategic communications and digital marketing for both commercial and development purposes. She holds a Master’s degree in International Journalism from Cardiff University and Strategic Marketing from the University of Oxford.

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