Stefanie Bäuerle



0711 - 947670

Working both structured and creatively – this is what I enjoy most about working in the communications branch. Having said this, I first had to realize that these interests fit seamlessly hand-in-hand in the realm of public relations.

I learned to master language uses, which is a key tool for all forms of communication, during my studies in General and Comparative Literature in Munich, Berlin and Montreal. It all began through research, translation and linguistically expressing art, theatre and literature. The first steps in my career path took me on a professional journey to various publishers in Munich and Berlin, as well as to a cultural Stuttgart institution. Here I gained experience in sales, editing, media and public relations, and marketing.

I stayed in the cultural sector after graduating. As an intern at a Stuttgart foundation, my duties combined art and science. This position gave me the skills to continuously work with an interdisciplinary approach, having to master new ways of communication. I went on to complete my traineeship at a business development company in cultural and creative industries and subsequently continued to deepen my skills in public relations and media specialization in the cultural sector of a local association. I learned communications strategy framework steps during my training as a Communications Manager at the German Press Academy, Berlin.

At Sympra, all the senses come together: Exciting perspectives, well-structured work and diversified copywriting. As of November 2021, I part of the team, supporting client as a Consultant.