Animated image

Comprehensive communication plans are used on several platforms to reach an individual target base. By using animation on social media platforms and websites, videos are made to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers. Subsequently, integrating the presentation of topics in animation has become non-negotiable in today’s world.

Animation captures emotions and showcases a clear rapport to your product or service, driving brand engagement. You will make your brand stand out and convey information by combining visuals, audio, and text appropriately, which is a more memorable way than using pure text form. Videos are ideal for communicating B2B topics that require a lot of explanation since even complex topics can be presented in a way that is easily understood.

It’s no coincidence that the importance of video marketing in both internal and external corporate communications has become increasingly important within the PR industry. Sympra offers its expertise to customers by projecting an idea of exclusiveness through its video marketing approach, either by producing short statements, interviews, testimonials, and showreels, or virtual company meetings. Stemming from a single source – from conception to editing. Being flexible, we have the necessary means to record videos at the customer’s site or take photoshoots at production facilities, or construction sites. We implement large film projects together with our long-standing animation experts. 

Anniversary videos and picture frames

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