Anniversary videos and picture frames

Modern planning and construction would be inconceivable without digital tools. Software manufacturers make a decisive contribution here and provide engineering and planning offices with suitable tools. BECHMANN, one of the leading companies in the industry, has been doing this for 50 years. We took the anniversary as an opportunity to develop a campaign together with our customer that was intended to achieve two things: to strengthen the BECHMANN brand and to bring the BECHMANN BIM product to the attention of potential users.

Under the overarching motto “building digitally together,” we let the BECHMANN family have their say. In Picture Frames, the employees report on what they do and what makes the BECHMANN family business so special. Strong customer loyalty is one of many examples. And who better to talk about it than the customers themselves? At the BAU trade fair in Munich, we asked them what makes working with BECHMANN so valuable. The result was a video series entitled “Three Questions”, in which architects and engineers talk about their experiences with BECHMANN. Authentic, likeable and also emotional.

Curious to find out more? The BECHMANN channel on LinkedIn now shows all videos and picture frames in no particular order.