Scott Stelle




At Sympra, I edit all English texts in terms of both form and content. My main tasks include correcting, editing, and polishing up English texts for publication but I also deal with anything that comes up. I ensure that texts are not only grammatically correct but clearly and concisely expressed. For that I need to be able to dive into all kinds of different topics very quickly and understand their complexity as well as today’s global business context.

In the 1990s, while studying in Northern California, I started working as an editor for the local alternative press, which gave me the chance to review books and interview counterculture figures, like Wavy Gravy and Colin Wilson. I combined my interest in culture, writing and rhetoric with my academic studies. My master’s dissertation on the rhetorical-juridical tradition in Communication Studies prepared me for my professional career in Germany.

And yet, my path has taken me to places that I’d never imagined before moving abroad. I’ve been working as an English teacher and editor for academia and business in Tübingen and Stuttgart since 2001. I really enjoy working in topics and fields as diverse as business, society, technology, and environment. I mostly devote my free time to reading, film, travel and hiking.