Media Relations

Which messages can be communicated in which channels and in which forms? How can you create a story on a complex issue? And how do you set a trend with just an idea? We’ve got answers to these questions and many more. Strategic media work is the method of choice when profiling a product, sharpening the profile of a company and building and maintaining reputations and images. We create precision-fit content for on- and offline media, organize real and virtual get-togethers with the media and are well-connected to those that count: Journalists, bloggers as well as other analogue influencers. Whichever path you want to take, you’ll benefit from the fact that we effectively combine strategy with content.

100 Jahre Uzin Utz

Die sieben verschiedenen Konzernmarken stets im Blick forciert Sympra die gezielte Pressearbeit für die unterschiedlichen Bereiche. Die Vor-Ort-Recherche am „lebenden…Read more