Blockchain, IoT, agility, or Industry 4.0 – are these buzzwords of digitalisation or the expression of sweeping changes? In today’s stage of digital transformation, all industry leaders, policy-makers, politicians, and society, in general, are broadly affected, presenting us as communications experts with exciting, yet more challenging demands. To master them, we must be ready to tackle the change of the impact of modern communication. We acknowledge the demand for adaptation (including within ourselves), we adapt, we pioneer motion, we keep on the ball. To keep everyone on good terms, we have to keep things clear, justify actions, and promote understanding. And we have to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation: preparing and distributing relevant content is as diverse as the array of options available to us in doing so. This diversity is a granted pot of gold for us as an agency – never before have there been so many platforms and channels that allow us to communicate in a way that is tailored to target groups.



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