Sympra and Siemens Stiftung – A Partnership for the Betterment of International Development

As long-time partners, Sympra and Siemens Stiftung have been collaborating on the foundation’s empowering people. Network projects since 2012.

For context, the empowering people. Network (epNetwork) connects inventors and entrepreneurs who have developed simple technical solutions, and supports social enterprises on their way to scale, replicate, and expand. With a strong focus on organizational development and improved internal processes and structures, the ecosystem offers a range of interactive training formats, expert knowledge, and individual consulting to its member organizations worldwide.

One focus of epNetwork is the empowering people. Award (epAward), an international competition that identifies and promotes social entrepreneurs with promising low-tech solutions in developing regions. It recognizes innovative technical solutions that cover important aspects of basic services in categories such as: waste management, education & training, energy, food & agriculture, financial technology (fintech), healthcare, mobility & infrastructure, and water & waste water. epAward finalists are awarded financially and become members of the epNetwork ecosystem that brings together experts, potential partners, and investors.

The collaboration between Sympra and Siemens Stiftung first came to life ahead of the 2013 epAward ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya. For this epAward ceremony and those that have followed, Sympra has been involved in a wide range of activities, including (but not limited to): issuing a call for entries and promotions thereof, managing and collecting submissions (which were evaluated by expert partners), and preparing a full range of marketing communications assets to be utilized ahead of and at each ceremony itself.

Sympra’s partnership with Siemens Stiftung has sustained itself through the years, and, as noted earlier, the agency was deeply involved in preparations and editorial development for the 2016 epAward ceremony in Berlin, and the 2019 epAward ceremony in Cairo.

Beyond epAward, ongoing strategic counsel, content development, and social media promotion occur throughout the year concerning news and happenings within epNetwork. Sympra looks forward to a lasting and fruitful partnership with the team at Siemens Stiftung.