Event communication is a marathon

Good event communication does not happen in a sprint. It is a marathon that Sympra has already successfully completed four times with great vigor and enthusiasm, including for the Productivity Symposium of our client CONCEPT AG. Months before the event, as soon as the topic of the event has been decided, the starting signal is given. Who could provide inspiring food for thought in a keynote speech? Who will discuss it from different perspectives on the podium? To ensure interesting content during the symposium, we contact potential speakers in advance, clarify the aim of their contributions and draw up the moderation guidelines. To ensure that the symposium’s findings are remembered, we write articles, best cases and information boxes for a high-quality print magazine that will subsequently be distributed to a wide audience, and record interviews with experts that are accessible to a broad audience online. These are just a few of the steps in our communication marathon, with which we achieve our goal: to provide perfect communication support for CONCEPT AG’s customer event at every stage.