Comprehensive PR services for Dürr

Dürr Ecoprobooth

Germany-based Dürr is a global leader in mechanical and plant engineering firms with outstanding expertise in automation and digitization. The long-established brand Dürr has been a byword for continuous innovation since 1896, with a wide range of products in robotic, processes and assembly technologies for all areas of vehicle production, focusing on painting and final assembly lines. Dürr also offers the latest system technology, permitting efficient disposal of exhaust gases and residues, reducing energy consumption, and ensuring high process reliability. Their clients benefit from their many years of experience with industrial processes and designing of tailor-made concepts – from the product to the turn-key solution and the design of individual service concepts.

Sympra has been supporting Dürr with comprehensive PR services for more than ten years in Germany, alongside 10+ PRN partners in major markets worldwide. Sympra’s scope of work encompasses research, content creation, media relations and much more.


Photo Credit: Dürr