Art in the (City) Department Store

Public relations in all its facets – that is our speciality. It starts with press relations, continues with social media and extends to in-person communication in the form of trade fairs and events. For our client, MFK Mund- und Fußmalende Künstler Verlag, for example, we designed and implemented a roadshow. The venue for the premiere of “MFK on tour” at the beginning of October, 2019 was The Gerber (Das Gerber in German), a shopping mall in central Stuttgart.

From an idea to the first sketch

The secret of in-person communication is that direct contact with the audience. A product that may have been virtual or visual so far – in the case of the MFK publishing house, these are greeting cards, calendars or games with artists’ motifs – can suddenly be experienced and touched. It’s about “looking over the shoulder” when a mouth or foot painter moves the brush over the canvas. And in the middle of a shopping mall at that. In this way we wanted to create closeness and transparency, take away possible fears of contact and above all: show art!  For this purpose, we designed a bright, light and inviting exhibition booth together with a long-standing partner; also worth noting, the booth’s contents are reusable. The space featured carpet taking on MFK-Verlag’s corporate colour, and of course, generous areas for two artists to show their painting demonstrations.

The accompanying material

Motifs for flyers, stands and artist portraits, utensils for the stand, content for the online channels, press work … the full suite of work was undertaken to ensure the pop-up made the most impact. We thought about everything – the team held the reins and were creative at the same time – this is a combination of lateral thinking and professional project management. And of course, we had fun, too.

Sympra has been advising the MFK-Verlag since 2003 on all public relations issues, supporting it with continuous press work as well as organizing art exhibitions in clinics, rehabilitation centres, and art galleries. The aim is to attract new artists to the association, to make their products and the history of their creation better known, to establish press contacts, and to communicate the work of the publishing house to the outside world. MFK-Verlag reproduces and distributes the works of mouth and foot painters in Germany.