Veronika Höber

Managing Director


0711 - 947670

Feared by my teachers, my affinity for putting pen to paper paved the way for a career in essay writing and as a bookworm. My studies in sociology and German language and literature were planned to open doors to my long-held career aspiration of becoming a journalist, but things didn’t quite work out that way. So I tried my hand at jobs in libraries, local editorial offices and, book projects until, after completing my studies, I finally had my breakthrough and got a job at a press agency. Before long, I had learned the tricks of the trade in journalism and could put two-hour-long press conferences into five news lines.

My transition into PR followed at Sympra, where I quickly realized that journalism and PR by no means need to be natural enemies. The diversity of topics, the ongoing demand to find the right communications strategy, getting to the heart of the matter of something so complex, and then putting the right information out there so that it reaches the target audience – all this continues to enchant me and makes me a PR loyalist. My bewilderment first began several years ago at Sympra and continued when I switched to assume a role in corporate communications, bringing me the satisfaction of being the client of an agency for a change. At the same time, it gave me time to pursue my passion for copywriting as a freelance journalist.

Now being a Managing Director at Sympra, strategic matters have moved to the forefront. This stands true both within the agency and concerning the development of comprehensive communications solutions, for example, for companies going through changes.