Susanne Seiberlich

Office Administration

My initial career dream of becoming a gardener specializing in the areas of horticulture and landscaping was ahead of its time in the mid-1980s. Since “manpower” was not yet attributed to women at that time, I felt virtually hopeless of attaining an apprenticeship within this field as a young woman. As a result, I decided to pursue my career in office administration at the Stuttgart municipal office and abruptly came to the conclusion that this was not my world! Feeling the pulse of the times, so to speak, I made a lateral career move and began working as an editorial assistant in various departments at the office of a local newspaper. Following this, a part-time job at a smaller PR agency provided me with a deeper understanding of the work and issues which fascinated me: Engineering, medical technology, IT, automotive industry. The opportunity to come to work for Sympra suddenly arouse and I jumped at the opportunity. Here I can use and develop all my acquired skills and knowledge. Meanwhile, I can execute my gardening passion within the framework of my garden and also do voluntary work for a local gardening association and as a member of school voluntary association.