Philipp Schmidt




At Sympra I can fully live out my passion for complex topics and find a fascinating interface between sophisticated content and the art of effective communication in the world of public relations. Initially, my journey began with a classic business administration degree in Nuremberg and the early realization that I had a knack for communication instead of numbers. This was followed by a degree in Modern and Contemporary History. This is where I developed my curiosity for complex topics and how to present them competently to third parties. These skills helped me during my time as a working student at a software company that produced virtual reality content for the pharmaceutical and life science industry. I completed my history degree with a study on the public relations work of a veterans’ association at the end of the 1950s. I then followed this up with a Master’s degree in Business and Culture in Mannheim. I am now looking forward to supplementing this theoretical training with practical experience through my traineeship at Sympra and learning the PR trade from the ground up. I am now leaving the topics of the past to rest and dedicating myself with great enthusiasm to future-oriented topics, such as the use of AI in the PR industry.