Arno Laxy

Senior Consultant, Head Munich Office


0711 - 947670

Something to do with media, something to do with people: That’s my professional life! I have been doing this for quite some time now, and quite a while as head of Sympra’s Munich office. I’ve been working with one of my customers for twenty years to date! He used to work for a company that – back in the day – networked state-of-the-art operating server systems. One of my first media roundtables which took place at the old trade fair centre in Munich dealt with pretty complex issues for this customer during those times. Whoever mentions networks nowadays is no longer referring to Netware, but the Internet, Cloud, Internet of Things and Smart Cities, to keep the list short – the connectivity of tomorrow in all areas of humankind. Being able to experience these developments first-hand up and close, and also being able to participate in shaping its direction is what attracts me to the communications work within the telecommunications industry. I have been committed to this industry from day one of my career. Then I worked in an editorial department for CAD programs for architects. It was there that I came across the then-novel employees of a fairly contemporary Sympra. Their commitment and enthusiasm contributed to my motivation to switch to the field of PR.

Whether put into text or through phone calls, through the media, at trade fairs or through social media, communication is key to me. Understanding and communicating go hand-in-hand with curtailing to the needs of customers and media representatives. Of equal importance to me is communicating exciting and educational contributions to people in general. In the best-case scenario, what I can contribute here proves to be informative and clarifying, which brings us full circle as my degree in history also involves understanding, explaining and learning.