Monika Senn-Wagner



0711 - 947670

At Sympra, I take care of bookkeeping and accounting. My tasks include incoming and outgoing invoices and payment processing as well as the annual financial statements in close cooperation with our tax office. By documenting and analyzing all transactions, a comprehensive overview of all business transactions is possible and management-relevant information is available at all times. After training as a typesetter, I worked as a publisher and lived out my creative streak in designing layouts. Through my studies in industrial engineering at the Hochschule der Medien, I realized that my affinity for numbers was just as strong, so that I then realized my potential in the controlling department of a publishing house at Stuttgart, before setting up my own small media agency. After my parental leave, I decided to upskill my education as a financial accountant and finally dedicated myself to the field of finance. I now like to live out my creativity during my free time.