Martina Hönekopp

Senior Consultant


0711 - 947670

Conveying the unknown which is worth learning, which is touching or impressive to other people to stimulate them to think and engage in debate, these things led me into journalism. Granted meeting interesting people, gaining insights into areas that often aren’t accessible, and being able to deal with topics one wouldn’t have heard of on a regular day were also tempting aspects of this career path.

The groundwork for my position as a consultant for complex issues at Sympra is my studies of Modern German Literature, Linguistics and General Rhetoric in Tübingen and Amsterdam. I ended up learning journalism from scratch: Internships and freelancing in radio and various print editorial offices led me to Munich, where I spent a year studying the basics of television journalism. However, I prefer print versus broadcast journalism, so I switched back from the VTR to editorial work and completed vocational training for journalists with the press in the state capital of Stuttgart. It was there where I acquired inaugural training in corporate publishing, a sector which I still focus on here at Sympra.

My career path led me to Sympra at the end of the 1990s, where I worked as a PR editor and project supervisor for six years. Alas, the opportunity to proactively work in political journalism in the editorial department of renowned BW-Woche of the Staatsanzeiger Verlag in Stuttgart arose in 2004. I assumed responsibility for the daily online edition BW-Heute (Baden Württemberg Today), amongst other calls of duty. I pursued my passion for “newspaper life” for the following five years as an editor for special publications and collectives at the Schwäbisches Tagblatt” in Tübingen, which belongs to the Südwest Presse. I returned to Sympra and Stuttgart in 2012 as a senior consultant where I pursue my love of communicating interesting, impressive, and little-known facts, with a particular focus on the automotive and manufacturing engineering sectors.