Lisa Curdes

Project Assistant


0711 - 947670

My heart has always burned for writing. As a child, I crafted newspapers and wrote stories and books with my grandfather. Media fascinated me early on. My hobby in my youth was to study the effects social media had on my surroundings and blog on this. Following my school years, I attained my first experience in journalism at a local daily newspaper and hereafter decided to study communications and media, as well as English. I became enthusiastic about the courses in marketing and PR during my BA studies and decided to write my thesis on the topic of sustainability communication. As a student assistant at an institute for materials technology and as an intern at a large German food retailer, I gained hands-on experience in science and corporate communications in conjunction with my studies.

As an intern at Sympra, I was able to grasp the versatile world of PR from the vantage point of an agency and indulge in interrelated and exciting topics. Not only am I here to support Sympra as a project assistant for social media and animation, but I am pursuing my master’s in communications management at the University of Hohenheim, as well as being chairperson of the board at PRIHO, the university’s PR organization.